BOM For PCB Manufacturing

This is related to Electronic Manufacturing of PCB. When we send the PCB for Assembly the BOM should have 3 things

  1. Item Name
  2. Location

For example if I want to place a resistor of 1 ohm ( TC-001) ,at R1 location, BOM ( BOM1) should have these information.

Same resistor (TC-001) can be used in another product at R4 location, then BOM2 for that product will have that R2 location information.

Right now I’m doing a hack, by using item description as location information in the BOM. See the image below


If I code C1, C2, C3 the location for a specific product in the item description then, it messes up the other product.

If I only put it in BOM, then in the Production order that doesn’t come. You can see that for the Production, the location information is gone.

Why is this important ?
When we give our product to EMS ( Contract Manufacturer who has machines to place components on the board), then need location and package information.

What I’m looking for ?
Add a Location field in the BOM item table and which should be passed to the production required items table also.
This location field should be only in the BOM item table and not in the item table. and this should be passed to the product order "Required items table "
As I see it, “Required items table” is inheriting properties only from the item properties not the BOM item properties.

I hope I made things clear. If anyone out there in the Electronic Product Manufacturing Business, would be great if they can throw some light on this.

We currently use “BOM Stock Report” for the same purpose. It takes item description from the BOM and not the “Item’s Description stored in the Item Doctype”, plus it also gives you current stock levels.

Thanks for the suggest, but it will not be production order for required quantity. It will only give stock report.

Any way you have added it in the production order ?

No, we use Production Order for keeping track of progress. For placement we always use BOM Stock Report.

I have the same problem with the specification for the production of printed circuit boards.
Did you manage to find a solution? Can you share your experience? How to get the specification of the desired form?

Hi guys, I have the same , HOWTO ?