BOM from raw item

Hi there,
I have a question regarding BOM. When I create a Bill of Material for an item ( which is also a required raw material for my assembly ) BOM does’t allow me to add same item ( As expected! ) in Material List but what I expect is to trigger a Material Request for this item as well.

I hope I was clear

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Check Production Planning Tool

Thanks for reply.
I don’t think Planning Tool solves my issue. BOM is still required for production.
I make a simple example:
I decorate t-shirts and I have my plain tshirt as raw material and some thread.
When I create a BOM the main item will be my TS0001 ( item for plain t-shirt) then I can have some kind of operations and thread as per raw material ( lets call it TRD0001 )
In my material list I should have TS0001 and TRD0001 as well, but only shows TRD0001 ( the thread ) not including TS0001. Of course I can add another t-shirt TS0002 for instance but never the raw material for the item that as to be manufactured.
I don’t know if this is by design and I need to create an item like so TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT and that way I could add my TS0001 as raw material. When factoring variants its a lot of item to be create for a single final product.


Just to clarify:

  • The solution “TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT is made of TS0001 + TRD0001” would work but is time consuming
  • You would like “TS0001 is made of TS0001 + TRD0001”, in order to avoid the creation of the item TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT

Some questions:

  • Do you maintain the stock of TS0001?
  • Do you maintain the stock of TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT?

If the answers are YES to both questions, then you need to have two items, no other choice. If you don’t maintain the stock of one of the two items, then ignore it and create the BoM just with TRD0001 plus some workload.

If I misunderstood something, let me know!

Thanks for reply.
TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT is an custom item made per order and delivered to customer when finished so not really need to maintain stock.
TS0001 is raw material and has to be tracked/ordered and issued.
If I create a BOM from non-stock item then I can’t load same item on Production Order.
“Item To Manufacture” requires a stock item c/w BOM.
"You would like “TS0001 is made of TS0001 + TRD0001” this is my solution but when I load item to Production Order it doesn’t consider TS0001
Also BOM from TS0001 doesn’t even consider raw Item cost in final BOM cost.

I now better understand your requirement. There was a similar message recently and although it was for a different industry, it had the same concern: how to produce an item with a different BoM each time.

ERPNEXT can handle such request, but the creation of the BoM takes time because of the User Interface. The possibility to quickly create a BoM by clicking next to a list of items doesn’t exist yet, although the last messages in the thread mentioned above indicate that someone has already implemented it with a custom solution. I suggest that you contact that person for further information.

Thanks for links and suggestions.
I have not issues with making a Bom for each variation of my item, and also I have not issues on making a new Bom per sales order.
If in my sell order I have a white t-shirt ( TS0001 stock item ) and a decoration ( service item or stock item ) and then I create a Bom from my TS0001 why it does not account for cost and material request for same item?
I guess only solution is to create a wrap up Item ( stock item ) TS0001-FINAL-PRODUCT for any new product sold.
Even if they are make-to-order they have to be stock items.

Maybe I missing something but if I have a 2x4" stud as stock item and my final product will be same stud with a drilled hole in the middle I don’t see why when I make my Bom for the stud it doesn’t account for the cost of stud itself and production order doesn’t request material?

Thank you