BOM import fails on a non integer Qty


I’m importing a BOM and it fails with an error:
“Quantity (0.01) cannot be a fraction in row 6”
I investigated and that Item had the UOM set to “EA” which was selected to only allow whole numbers.
I changed the UOM on the Item to “MR” which does allow fractions.
When I tried to re-import the same BOM I get the same error. Is the UOM for an Item cached somewhere? How do I resolve this error?

Note, the UOM in the BOM is specified as “MR”; the UOM on the Item is specified as “MR”, although it was originally “EA”.

I retried later and it worked. I don’t know if this was a co-incidence or not!

Hi @fishter,

I have encountered the same problem and realized that when i import BOMs, the “Stock UOM” in the items table changes to Nos for all the BOM items. (even if i define the UOM for all individual items)

This does not happen when i manually create BOMs.

The solution is adding “Stock UOM” column to the excel sheet and define the unit again.

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