BOM item problem


for us as shoes manufacture with job order production as we produce custom shoes in a BOM we need to define :
Part , Item code , std , total qty (in BOM)

std / standard i can do it with custom script

but the problem is the Part notes… because we need to define the item purpose is for which parts, an item codes can be used more than 1 because its used for different parts

how i can do this?
can i make the item can be duplicate?



Sorry but we need more details to be able to assist on this.

Do you have an item code which is partly consumed in the manufacturing of BOM item? And you need system to define qty of that item consumed in the manufacturing of other BOM item?

If this is the case, you should maintain separate BOM for the sub-assembly item, and then select that item in the final products BOM.

Hi umair…

the case is like this , i hope i can explain it clearly …
In Shoes Manufacture we devide a BOM in 3 category Cutting , Stitching , and Assembly which in each of the category may have more than 1 BOM
but the problem for every BOM the materials need to be marked which the place that the materials need to be placed , so in 1 BOM there will be so many duplicate item just because we need to put in different location
but we cant create 1 BOM for every location… its too much for us because we do job order so every manufature will be use new BOM. and more of it 1 style of shoes may have many colors and many sizes so we cant create BOM for each location but we need to create it by its group.

for example in 1 order there is order for 1 style of shoes that have 10 colors and 10 sizes so we have to create 10 * 10 = 100 new BOM that we decided to devide to 3 groups so it will be 300 BOM if we devide to each location it would be more that thousand new BOM for every style

so what i need is i need to put duplicate item in a BOM, how i can do it?
its also on BOM exploison details because some division need to print it all at once