BOM item quantity


I´ve have made some BOMs. I added the quantity of the materials, prices and so on. Now I would like to see how many items I have in my warehouse for this particular BOM. I mean not the number of items I have (which is showed at the left side of the item), but every items quantity available in the warehouses. The aim of having this quantity easily available is that I could straight up look at a BOM and say, -

-how many BOMs can I still build and
-I wouldn´t need to click on every single item for the available quantity in warehouse

I´m thinking of something like warehouse, but of course there you can´t see which items are in a particual BOM.

Is it possible, to get this information anywhere? Or is the only way, clicking on every single item and seeing, wether we have still the needed amount of items in the warehouse?

I hope that the question is understandable, if not please ask me if you don´t understand my question.

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You can use the production planning tool. If you Add the BOM to the PPT, you can print a Material Request list, which tells you how many of each part you have (and which warehouse it is in). Make sure you click Download Material Request and not Create.

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