BOM - one item to many

Hi all,
it seems like the BOM is used to create one items from many items, what about the cases when we use one item to create many other items. I am thinking about a butchery for instance.
From one animal you get many different pieces. Is there a way BOM can handle this ?



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@Francois_Ifitwala you can use Stock Entry to do this. Stock Entry can have multiple raw materials and multiple finished goods. So a manufacture entry should handle this, but I don’t think it is available in BOM or Production Order. It is an interesting feature though!



Currently, I am facing this issue. I am implementing ERPNext in a Naphtha Reforming Refinery. I want to create a BOM where I use “Sour Naphtha” and produce three finished goods: such as “LPG, Light Naphtha, and Reformate”. In the current setup, I can’t create multiple finish goods from one Raw Material.

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This is a good source, but it doesn’t give you the value for the scrap items. They will have Zero valuation which you can’t use for the real cost of that produced item. How would you go about that in such cases? How would you get the valuation?

You can set the Valuation in Item Master. This way output of co-product/by-product will valued at the standard rate defined in Item Master.

Normally in the by-product/co-product setup valuation method used is mostly Standard Costing.