BOM: Operations as Subcontracted


I think ERPNext Manufacturing is designed for companies that manufacture with a set of products that undergo little changes over time. But there are industries such as Fashion where each item is short lived, maybe 2 - 4 months and everything changes. For those industries ERPNext can be very cumbersome to use.

Quick Fix:

Why does subcontracting have to be done as a Material? Why can’t we have it done as an Operation that we subcontract, and assign the specific materials required for that Operation in the material section.

This will allow the user to only give specific materials to the supplier, at the same not have to create an unfinished product in items which in reality is the most cumbersome part of the whole process. So in fashion for example, each style, size, and color will not only have a product, but also an unfinished product. In a particular season a company can deal anywhere between 50 to 500 sytles, and each style will have aprox 5 colors and 8 sizes. Under the proposed changes, which in my opinion don’t seem very big we can simply address subcontractors as Operations, and link desired materials directly. This workaround will not require the creation of an unfinished product