BOM packaging/filling fee which is not time dependant

I provide/send raw materials to a blend plant who mix them and package them.
It is technically an operation, but they do not charge me a rate per hour. They charge me a fee per container filled and/or per kg blended/mixed. Different suppliers charge different rates.

I tried this…
Create a perKG price rule for each supplier, and also a perFILL price rule for each supplier. There isn’t a Standard price for either though, so when I save the BOM, it tells me “Price List not found for perFILL/perKG” and these are set at zero. Do I need to add in a dummy price for these?
I am not sure if the system will adjust or calculate the values when I add a ProdOrd?

How should I capture these operation/service costs into the BOM?

Would you be able to use the Purchase Tax and charges template and capture the charge on the purchase order for the supplier?

Hi @H_N.
I tried several ways to capture the costs into the BOM item, but I can’t actually see if/where they’re going.
My inter-W/H movements are a bit messy, and I found that if I use multiBOM then the stock movements are not separated per W/H (this is preferred).

If I stay with manual (non-multi) BOM’s at each stage, I can get the right reports and movements, but I can’t really see the costings properly at the BOM or end-product level.

I tried another approach - which was to “mimic” operations per non-time UOM (ie. if something is 40kg @ 2.55/kg, I would just substitute that for 40hrs @ 2.55/hr). My plan was to set up the workstation cost for each possible supplier at their rate, and then include the costs via operations in the BOM. I created workstations using rates from different suppliers, but the BOM doesn’t allow for workstation a OR b - so the costs are not conditional per supplier.

Is there a known method or article that you could refer me to?


Have you setup sub-contracting?

Here is the video tutorial for you to start. Might be what you are looking for.

@H_N - thank you for the link.
Although I didn’t specifically mean to, I had used subcontracting in my BOMs. I compared the link you suggested what I am doing and the main(only) difference I can see between it/me is that it is based on valuation rate with manually inputted pricing, instead of using pricelist (me).
I duplicated/changed my BOMs to Valuation, but I get “Valuation Rate not found for Item XXperKG” error this way. I’m not sure if/how I can mix the 2.

I would like to create something where the Plant doesn’t see the detail of the PreMixes, but that I can still see details of material/costs on my side.
This is my theory/plan…

Any tips welcomed.

To get around this problem, did you ensure that valuation rate field is populated in the item doctype?

This is definitely doable. You have full control on what the blend plant has access to and the information you provide. You just have to decide how you control it.

I have set up

pricelist perKG(pricelist)
and pricerules

What were you doing that triggered above error?

It was just the Submit (after Save) that caused the error to show

I changed the Filling Fees items to be “maintain stock” items in the buying pricelist, instead of services in its own pricelist, and am now able to track them successfully in the BOM/mfg process (including subcontracting etc).
This is using the pricelist system and not Valuation. I think (to be confirmed - I will do a custom report when I get a chance) that the pricing rules are also active when I use this method.
Thanks @H_N for all your help and tips

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