BOM Price calculation per used UOM, conversion not working


I have been scrolling through the forums for a while now and not found a solution to my issue.

Problem: the price for an item in a BOM is not updating when the UOM does not equal the UOM for which a price is added in the price list.

I buy a roll of material A and use it in meters: Default UOM is meters.
Conversion is set to meter=1 and roll=100.
Default Purchase UOM is Roll and also the price in the buying pricing list is set per UOM: roll.

So I add the material to a BOM, it auto-fills the default UOM, meters (which is what I want), but price stays 0 (giving me the message it can not find the price for UOM=meter in the pricing list).

The only way I can get this to work is to set default item UOM to roll. have price per roll. Set conversion to Roll=1 and meters=0.01.
(or adding the price per meter to the price list seperately, which I really don’t want to have to do for everything)


  • then it would always auto-fill roll everywhere and then I have to manually set it to meters, which is annoying.
  • what will that do with the auto re-order? for example when I want to re-order when only having 20 meters left, do I need to set the level to 0.2?
  • also I’d like to not have to think about it when buying materials, when it would say I need to buy 100m for some price per meter, then how much rolls that would be and how much it would cost me.

Those questions aside:

  • I have ‘Price not UOM dependent’ checked (also tried it unchecked) but I concluded from the info in the documentation that this should be checked.
  • I do have ‘rate of materials based on’ set to price list and selected the proper price list below that.

Please help!!!