BOM, Purchase Invoice

Dear Team,

I have created a BOM with few items in it. I want to know how this BOM can be fetched in the PI.
After entering the item, the BOM is not getting fetched.

Can someone pls suggest/help me with an answer for the same?
Thank you .

If it is a Subcontracting Flow (Is Old Subcontracting Flow) then it will be set.

Hi @NCP ,
I tried the above scenario already, but if i am not wrong, we can enable subcontracting option at the po level and that too if it is a non stock item.

For a stock item, I am not able to select the sub contracting option.
I have created this bom for a stock item and my doubt is how to fetch that in the pi directly?

Pls suggest/help if you have an answer.
Thank you.

First you have to understand the Subcontracting flow.

Thank you so much for providing the link for the same. I will go through the same.
Thank you so much.