BOM Recursion Validation

In BOM Doctype Item to be manufactured is same as Child Item then BOM recursion Provision comes which we do not want.
in our case we send and receive the same item for sub-contract purpose.
How to bypass or ignore this bom recursion provision as per our requirements?

I think a structured data system cannot handle what you are intending to do. Manufacturing essentially means that there is something added on to an item or items to make another item.

So, A+B = C.

Now you are saying I want the equation to look like:

A + B = C.

Then you are saying there is no B, so A = A.

If that’s what you want to do, consider just doing a Stock Entry Purpose: Material Transfer, creating a warehouse for the process/vendor and dropping the item in that warehouse. Once that process is finished (or the item comes back from the vendor) do another Stock Entry Purpose Material Transfer from the Process Warehouse or the Vendor Warehouse. You can use additional costs section to load up any costs to the item when it comes back.

Hope this helps.



We have a manufacturing step which blend two batches together forming a third batch. The result is the same item.

I would like to create a BOM for that but this validation is blocking.

Did you manage to come up with a solution?

We had a similar requirement and other things like the need for variants without creating a seperate item code for each variant etc. for one client but we ended up making a custom manufacturing module / mini ERP outside of ERPNext but using the power of Frappe framework.

you can skip that validation by click on Do Not Explode In BOM Item table as below:

Try with Do Not Explode option in BOM Item.

Thank you! I figured it also. So I can confirm this works