BOM UOM Conversion

I’m not sure what I’m missing here but I’m having trouble with the UOM on the BOM table. I have an Item that is purchased as a spool 30m long. I want to track inventory of the item in Meters purchase the item in spools and use the item on a BOM in mm.

Currently on the Item I have the following:

Default UOM = Meter
Valuation Rate = 1.030 (1 meter value of the 30 meter spool)

Meter Conversion factor = 1
Spool Conversion factor = 30
mm conversion factor = 0.001

Purchase UOM:
Default UOM = Spool

When I go to use the item on a BOM it comes in with a UOM in Meters and the appropriate price per meter. When I change the UOM on the BOM to mm the price does not change instead It acts as if there is no conversion factor.

Am I missing something as to how this should work?

I have same issue
I have 6 m bar
Purchase unit meter
Sale unit bar

When i make sales order unit and price not change, it comes with default purchase setting.

It seams that the only way I can make it work is if I manually change the rate in the BOM line to match the UOM. I’m guessing im still missing somthing because that wouls be exactly what the conversion factor should do right? The stock qty seems to be converted correctly when I change from Meter to mm but still not the value per UOM.

Did you ever find a fix to this issue?

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