BOM update tool is missing

Hi, BOM update tool is not showing up in my erpnext

How do I get this tool?
Thank you

Background info:
ERPNext: v14.65.0
Frappe Framework: v14.67.0

upgraded from v12 to v13 and now to v14 (self-hosted)
i use “bench migrate --skip-failing” when upgrading because there are errors

Attached is my screen.
The BOM update tool does not show up in the “tool” section

I think it’s only in version 15, rather than v14.

@pmjd Thanks for the reply

I created a new site with
bench new-site [site name] --install-app erpnext

This new site has the “BOM update tool”

So maybe there is some conflict from the upgrade from v12-v13-v14 that is making BOM update tool not show up

Any ideas how to fix it?


  • I made a backup from my current v14 site
  • bench new site
  • restore from v14 backup file
  • “BOM update tool” label shows up in manufacturing page. But the page is “not found” (see error message)

How to fix so BOM update tool becomes available again?

Please take a role permission for the boom update tools. then reload and check.

It works
Thank you NCP!