BOM Valuation rate

Is the BOM valuation rate the same as the stock valuation rate?

So here on the BOM:

If we set this rate to Valuation, will it pick up the same rate as stock, so either FIFO or Moving average?

Our scenario is that we manufacture U-bolts. Some u-bolts jsut work on raw materials, others work on raw materials and sub-assemblies

I need the BOM to calcuate the cost based on the last purchase price AND the alst manufactured price.

I am guessing if we set this to :slight_smile:
Last purchase price: the sub-assemblies will not have a purchase price?
Valuation rate: Well that will either be the FIFO price, or a moving average, not the last price
Price List: that is static so would have to be keep manually updated

So is there a way of making BOM pick of the last purchase price OR the last manufactured cost dependand on the items in the list?