BOMs for Purchased Parts


I am trying to create BOMs for items that are purchased parts, but the material request forms don’t seem to treat any items with BOMs as purchased parts and instead place orders on their sub-components. I have set the BOM items to purchased parts, and tried sub-contracting on and off, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone help me to get this to work?


@Ben_Cornwell_Mott sorry not able to understand what are you expecting. Do you want the system to automatically create Material Request based on what?

When using the Production Planning tool, I want to know if there is a way to get the Use Multi Level BOM checkbox to generate material requests for the raw materials of certain subassemblies, and generate material requests for other items that have a BOM.

As an example, I have an assembly A001 which is made up of two sub-assemblies, S001 and S002.
S001 has parts P001 and P002, S002 has parts P003 and P004.

BOM Tree:
+ S001
- P001
- P002
- P003
- P004

I have found a supplier that can sell me P003 and P004, and can also supply me the entire assembly S001.
I would like to know if there is a way to use the Production Planning tool to generate a material request for S001, P003 and P004. The obvious way would be to delete the BOM for S001 so the system doesn’t know it is actually made up of P001 and P002, but I’m wondering if there is a way to do this while keeping a BOM in the system.

Thank you!

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott if your item is checked for sub-contracting, the system will not make Material Request

@rmehta I don’t think this is working for me as you’ve indicated.

I have tried to use the planning tool on an assembly where there are sub-assemblies set for sub-contracting/purchase and others that are not sub-contracted. When I go to generate the material requests (using the Production Planning tool) with Milti-Level BOM checked), material requests are generated for the items from all the BOM parts, irrespective of their sub-contracting or purchased item settings. There are material requests for P001, P002, P003, and P004.

Here is what I have:

For an internally manufactured assembly:
is_stock_item = 1
is_sales_item = 0
is_pro_applicable = 1
is_purchased = 0
is_sub_contracted_item = 0

For a purchased part with associated BOM:
is_stock_item = 1
is_sales_item = 0
is_pro_applicable = 0
is_purchased = 1
is_sub_contracted_item = 1

Is there another item setting I am missing? If I try to generate the material requests without Multi-Level BOM checked I get an error saying that the internally manufactured assembly needs to be a purchased or sub-contracted item.

@nabinhait can you please check?


If you checked “Use Multi Level BOM” , it will applied for all sub-assembly items and fetches only last level Part Items. And Material Requests will be created based on all part items.

Material Requests based on partly sub-assembly and partly Part Items is not possible right now. You can create a github issue for that.