BOMs in production order

Hi ! We couldn’t resolve this for ourselves so here is our issue :

Our final system has many levels, that is why we created BOMs. However, we find that the production order master is not flexible enough. Indeed, we can choose to submit the order with the bottom level of the BOMs with « Use multi-level BOMs » or to submit it with the BOMs just below the final system. However, sometimes, we already have in stock some sub-assemblies and it would be easier for us if we could choose any level in the BOM. In the end, we would like to have a kind of « stop button » in the BOM where we can set where to stop when using « Use multi-level BOMs » in order to have a production order that fits with what we do have in stock. Is this possible ?

What version of ERPNext are you using? Are you on the develop or master branch?

With v7 coming shortly, there will be some changes to how this works. If you do not check off the “Use multi-level BOMs” button, it will create a Production Order for the top level assembly and material requests for the items in the first level below this. What has changed is that Material Requests for Production are made for the parts that have BOMs. What this allows is for you to use the Production Planning tool again (Pull from Material Requests) to select the lower level sub assemblies and generate material requests for those, as you want.

Aside from that, if you have sub assemblies in stock, the system should see these and not generate the material requests for them (unless you check off order full quantities).

I hope this helps. Let me know if anything is unclear.

Thanks for your reply, I’m using ERPNext v6.27.24
I don’t know what you mean about the develop or master branch…

So, if I understand what you mean, I could use the Production Planning tool to access the levels I want in a BOM ?
For now, the system doesn’t seem to see that I have sub assemblies in stock, it generates the material request for the lower level of the BOM that I don’t have and doesn’t see that I have the sub assembly above it…

So it sounds like you are on the master branch, which is still on version 6. In the next few weeks, it should be switching to version 7, which is when the changes to the Production Planning tool will take place.

The new tool will allow you to place orders one level at a time. So if there are five levels, you will have to run it 5 times, but it will give you full control over what you order.

The reason the system doesn’t notice that you have sub assemblies in stock is because it isn’t checking to see if the sub-assemblies are there at all. It just looks to see if the lowest level raw materials are. Since you’ve already taken those raw materials and made the sub-assemblies from them, the system thinks you need new raw materials. The other issue with the current system (using Multi-level BOMs) is that it only creates the production order for the top level assembly, not any of the sub-assemblies.

As I said, once v7 comes out, you will be able to use the Production Planning tool to get Production Orders for each sub assembly, and raw materials for each sub assembly you are missing.

Ok thanks ! I’ll wait for version 7 in that case !