BOM's, Sub Assembles and operations

Hi, I’m new to all this, ERP’s let alone ERPNext

I’m trying to get my head around BOMs and operations and the like.

We’re a metal fabrication company and have this product range which has different sizes.

Let’s call it Product One
It has various different parts
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D which is made up from other components
And then there are things like nuts and bolts to put it all together.

Part A is made from a steel coil, cut to whichever size needed, there would be approx 400 parts made from each coil.

Part B is a smaller steel coil, again with about 400 parts per coil

Part C is purchased cut to size just needs holes punched to fit product

Part D which would be a sub assembly is made up of
Item 1 is punched out of another steel coil and then folded into shape
Item 2 is another piece cut from a steel coil
Item 3 is a support stay cut from a steel bar which comes in as a bale of steel bars, I think there are about 20 stay bars cut from one bar. After being cut the stay bars are then bend into a v shape.
Items 1,2 & 3 are then welded together and then send to apply a finish.

Parts A, B, C & D are then assembled together to create the product.

Although there is only one component making up Part A, B & C, should they be done as their own sub assembly?

For Items 1,2 & 3 of Part D, should they also be done as separate sub assemblies?

When creating a BOM under quantities it says
Quantity of item obtained after manufacturing / repacking from given quantities of raw materials

For example in Part A, is that the quantity of parts I’d get from the raw material, 400 in this case? Or is it the quantity I want for the product which is 1?

Hope all of that made sense


Please go through the Manufacturing documentation. You should also consider searching the ERPNext YouTube channel for webinars and help videos like this one.

Hope this helps, thanks.

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Thanks for your reply, I’ve seen them, guess I’m looking for more detail on the manufacturing process. I think I’m on the right track, just need to figure it out for one and I should be good.

Hi did you find solution to this… i have similar scenarios to be implemented.

you can just do manufacture process of each item separately because what you are asking is whether we can show relationship between processes of all sub assemblies and the manufacture of the final process ,if you want to link the relationships or all the other processes , you can use routes or work stations otherwise l don’t see anything complex on your scenario