Book salary expenses in multiple projects


My team members work on multiple projects in a month. I want to book the salary expense in projects in difference proportion as per the work done by them.
One way is to create multiple salary slip based on the timesheet Though I am not able to generate payroll entry if salary slip based on timesheet is selected. It mentions to select the frequency first but that field is hidden as soon as we select salary slip based on timesheet is selected. Please see the attached screenshot.

Is there any other way to book expense in the project?

Hi @Ronak_Singhavi:

Check if frecuency field is visible before check “Salary Slip based on Timesheet”

Hope this helps.

Payroll Frequency is visible before selecting the Salary slip based on the timesheet.


Check if are created:

  • Salary structure and assigned to the employee
  • Payroll period

There are a lot of things to configure :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.

If the salary percentage is fixed, then you can explore assigning salaries on a cost center basis. Additionally, you can create a separate cost center for each project.