Booking an invoice + down payment + tip

I recently got a payment that pays an invoice, contains a down payment and adds a tip on top.

My way to go was to add a new payment.

  1. reference the invoice
  2. unreferenced payments are automatically handled as down payment

I have two questions:
I changed the default receivables account to a trade receivables account, thus down payments are added to the default account. How can I make erpnext to use the trade receivables account for paid invoices and a down payment account for that?

How can I handle tips?

I suppose that I’ll have to manually add journal entries to achieve what I want.
Could someone give me an example how to combine these different kind of payments?

I should add that I didn’t have to deal with double bookkeping yet, so the whole journal entry thing is pretty new to me.
Until now I lived a happy excel live combined with a much more simple invoice management system.
The fun of erpnext comes combined with a bit of bookkeeping pain.


Some quick hints:

  • Payment against the invoice
  • Down payment against a sales order, if possible
  • Tip against some income account in the “deductions or loss” table (if you’re the business owner and the tip is for you)

Unfortunately, there is no sales order on the other side.

I just tried to create tip account in my testing instance.

Then I created a journal entry.

And finally a payment entry

When I try to save that payment, I get the error that the posting record does not match the account I used for the invoice.

Do I have to split it into two different payment entries, although it was one bank transfer?

By the way is the journal entry correct for what I want to achieve?