Booking transport on the ERP on the purchase part but from a different supplier

I place a purchase order for an item (assuming 2,000 chairs) which I am buying from my supplier A.

My other supplier B, specialized in Freight & transport service, is in charge of the freight transport to our warehouse. How do I book this service? is it still through a purchase Order?

@joyce_ID you will register an Purchase Invoice for the freight, and in case you need to include the value of the Freight on your chairs, you need create a landed cost voucher against the Purchase Receipt of the Chairs, or the Purchase Invoice in case your purchase invoice updates stock.

Thank you Max, should I register a purchase order and then a purchase invoice or register a purchase invoice straight?

Also my issue is that my freight expense needs to be split among 3 accounting different accounts which I believe means I can only register Journal entries (which will be accounting wise correct as I am chosing the accounts) but can’t use the Payment Entry (as this is create automatic journal entrie which won’t be correct in my case). Is this right?
thanks again

@joyce_ID you still being able to Register an Purchase Order / Invoice even spliting the amount in 3 accounts, pls verify the accounting section under the Purchase Order / Invoice lines