[Bot] [Discussion] [PR #13915] refactor(minor): Newsletter

Testing Site URL: https://gh-imp-2021-00799.castlecraft.co.in

Pull Request URL: https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/13915
Pull Request Title: refactor(minor): Newsletter
Pull Request Description:


  • Re-send Newsletter only to the recipients who haven't received it yet (Check Email Queue before setting email recipients)
  • Re-structured code, broken larger methods to "byte" sized "bits" (hehe)
  • Added validations for recipients list
  • Added Newsletter.newsletter_recipients property
  • Used newer APIs and Fixed namespaces for usages/imports
  • Added convenience methods for Newsletter APIs
  • Added type annotations for all(?) methods
  • Don't raise after handling generic Exception class. Just log error and go on. This way, other newsletters will continue to loop instead of breaking after one failure
  • Added more context (doc.name) to logged error


username: kristinafrazier@lee.com
password: e6f4c7a154

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