[Bot] [Discussion] [PR #14978] feat: Multistep webforms

Testing Site URL: https://gh-imp-2021-02289.castlecraft.co.in

Pull Request URL: https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/14978
Pull Request Title: feat: Multistep webforms
Pull Request Description:

  • Adds the ability to convert a webform into a multistep one.
  • If a webform is long, converting it into a multistep one reduces the scrolling the user has to do, thus improving the ux.
  • To enable multistep for webform, just need to check Is Multi Step Form. image
  • when the next button is clicked, the framework will check whether all the reqd values in that section are populated, Peek 2021-11-25 15-33
  • If a section's visibility is dependent on a value, the section will be visible/hidden accordingly 9f9e556a-6040-4f23-a03e-3a942bf18eea

Let me use this thread for a little background information: originally @scdanieli developed this customisation for our customer’s web portals. We found it very useful for multiple customers who have long web forms. @hrwx made this feature more generic, added tests and takes care of the documentation. Now we are proud to contribute it back to the core. :muscle::partying_face: