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Pull Request URL: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/pull/27528
Pull Request Title: feat: Payments based dunning
Pull Request Description:

Related to #26969

Create dunning for all overdue payments of a customer. We use a table similar to the payment schedule in sales invoice to pull all overdue scheduled payments into the Dunning.

  • Rate of Interest is the same for all overdue payments.
  • Interest amount is calculated for each overdue payment.
  • Dunning Fee is applied only once per dunning.

Changes in accounting

  • Dunning amount will no longer be booked to receivables. The reason is that the dunning amount is not paid in many cases / is only intended as a warning. If paid, the dunning amount will be recorded as additional income in Payment Entry. See here and here for further reading (in german).



Docs: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/v13/user/manual/en/accounts/dunning/edit?wikipagepatch=894eeb58e3

To do:

  • [x] Refactor resolve_dunning
  • [x] Add patch
  • [x] Adjust docs