Bottom "Make" is it possible to change?

I got some this small question, is there anyone who can help me ?

I’m not totally sure, but with just a brief search through the source code:

Thank you strixaluco

No problem. Just keep in mind that if you change the source code, you might face some issues after updating Frappe/ERPNext.

You shouldn’t probably edit the file in apps/erpnext/erpnext/crm/doctype/lead/lead.js, rather create and install a new app in bench and copy lead.js to the same path (eg. apps/yournewapp/erpnext/crm/doctype/lead/lead.js) and edit that one instead. This way you will not have any issues when updating frappe/erpnext with bench update.

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Repeated topics like these could prove valuable in the knowledge base. Doing a Google search of “erpnext custom app” delivers various topics from the community here (which is fantastic!), and I’ve found myself using them to no end, but piecing together results based on several different topics.

More to the matter, I have been trying to maintain most customizations on the client side, but besides using hooks, git stash has been invaluable during updates.

Thank you superlack

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thank you Gio

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Again, if you’re editing erpnext source directly you’ll inevitably piss git off on the next git pull (when you run bench update). Also if you have multiple websites running on the same bench you’ll affect them all. It’s much cleaner to run:

bench new-app mycustomizationapp
bench install-app mycustomizationapp

(Feel free to change mycustomizationapp to whatever you like)

and then copy over to apps whatever file you want to override. So in this case to override:


you need to copy to


and edit that.

I’ve been through the pain of merging my changes into erpnext repo everytime I wanted to update, I will not wish the same ordeal to my worst enemy!