[Bounty] $5000 for creating new set of Frappe Developer Videos

OK. Update to “ERPNext Consulting by n0c0de” … looks good?

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This is a great idea, we are starving for more English speaking video content and tutorials to help close the language barrier and get this great product more prevalent on this side of the world!

I want to give this a shot.
I am still learning more about erpnext everyday.
Need your feedback
Thank You so much.


@rmehta … i messaged you an issue. could you pls check and advise

Just a thought… maybe ERPNext/Frappe can provide mute videos that is accompanied by a English text transcription. So non English users can fill the voice over in their language of choice.

The problem with making own video is the flow of using ERPNext may not be familiar for the video technician that provide them to the users.
By using the mute video provided by ERPNext/Frappe, it has been “approved” by officials.

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Thanks @sabiyamalbari for the attempt! Yes you also qualify for the $100 :slight_smile: so that is 2/5

The goal though is to explain the development using Frappe Framework - essentially how to make a new module from scratch. I think you did a good job of introducing DocTypes, and walking through the project. I would still like to see better quality concept slides (also the preferred capitalization for DocType is with the T capital, not Doctype).

Generally for anyone making a videos, concepts should be 30-40% of the video. For example while introducing fields there could be a slide, etc. But thanks for the attempt!


Thank You so Much.:grinning:
I am little bit confused, need some clarity.
Does explaining the development of module from scratch using module def DocType and then adding custom or server scripts to it according to the application need,using erpnext meet the goal?


Hello Rushab, i am an ERPNext and frappe developer from past 2 to 3 years. my question is where to upload the video or we have to send it to you through email ??

Upload it on YouTube and share it on this thread!

ERPNext not necessary, just start with a fresh site on frappe framework. You can use Frappe Cloud to setup a quick instance of Frappe too

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We have to moodle based LMS system along with the mobile application. We are happy to provide our system for ERPNext community for such kind of training videos or materials. It will definitely help to build a good developer group in ERPNext.

This was my idea with my personal hobby project at fkardame.com and Tutorials for open source projects.

I have started recording videos recently like just a month from now but I have been facing audio background noise due to my room conditions.

This will be a slow paced work as I already have a long list of videos to be worked on.

I will try to do some basic ones for now hope users will like it btw Bounty is was not my POI but its is a bonus :smiley:

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Maybe you can provide them as mute videos?

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Hello @rmehta,
I want to give this a shot with the following videos.
Feedback Appreciated.

I am still editing the rest of the tutorial, it will be available on the YouTube Channel


How to create server script & custom script in frappe - Frappe Cloud

The tutorial is explained on the Balanced Scorecard module - custom module

First attempt
I hope you like it


@ABIZEYIMANA_Victor thanks for this attempt. Here is my feedback:

  1. Good for beginners :+1: - you explain things for people without too much background.
  2. Flow is decent
  3. Needs to be snappier - bit too slow (maybe speak with a bit more energy?), also speed up the parts where you are typing.
  4. More concept slides - also don’t speak what is written on slides - slides should have very little text

@alkuhlani good attempt! This is more like a demo of the system and not really a tutorial.

I very much like the user videos on the YT channel.

They are perfect. Clear voice without chatter. Very structured approach and design.
The artificial voice is a benefit IMO, because it is fluent and appropriate for the international audiance.

Why not just imitate these??

Thanks everyone for your participation and comments! We have decided to award the bounty to @Tropicalrambler.

Here is the proposed outline of the series. Please leave your comments there!