[Bounty] $5000 for creating new set of Frappe Developer Videos


A new set of developer videos is long overdue and we are giving away $5k to any talented developer / partner who wants to give this a shot.

How to apply

Create a ~10min video as your application where you demonstrate how to build an app on Frappe Cloud - without any custom app. This could be the library app with a server script validation. Add slides to explain concepts etc. First 5 complete tutorials to be uploaded on YouTube will be given $100.

All videos will have to be in English


If you are selected, you will be commissioned to create a new tutorial for $5000 with the following topics:

  1. Frappe Concepts → Bench, Sites, Apps, DocTypes
  2. Using DocTypes
  3. Users, Roles and Permissions
  4. Python Scripting - Server Script
  5. JS Scripting - Custom Script
  6. Reports and Portals
  7. Customization
  8. Creating new apps
  9. Writing controllers for apps
  10. REST API


There are 2 sets of audiences

  1. Devs who will build an app from the UI in Frappe (without custom app) (could use FrappeCloud)
  2. Devs who will build custom apps.

You will be publicly acknowledged as the author, so will be great marketing if you are planning to do a consulting business on ERPNext.


Each application will be evaluated on basis of the following:

  1. Screen-casting
  2. Voice
  3. Concept Slides

The full bounty is subject to someone qualifying in terms of quality and style.

If you have questions / suggestions, please let us know!


I really want to do this, and I will give it a try with my friends. Shiela & Vanessa.


Great initiative! However, I think 5k for ten high quality technical videos is not a lot. I was recently quoted 5k per minute of video, here in Germany. It surely remains a great opportunity for somebody looking to get started with ERPNext consulting. :+1:


$5k per minute must be live action! This is mostly screen casting and some voice over. Maybe a 2 week job with scripting and execution. Yeah it’s not so much, but not bad either.


@rmehta what is your plan for publishing? E.g
Do you have greater vision for “Frappe-U”? Do you expect content will published using e.g. a CC license?

Any plans for having a Bounty for Functional Videos?

The content will be published freely, yes possibly under a CC license!

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yeah, we could. drop me a mail!

OK, Let’s give this a shot:


The guys at Si Hay Sistema

@monroy95 @ronaldoramirez @Tropicalrambler


Thanks @Tropicalrambler ! That’s a great first attempt. You do qualify for the $100 :smile:.

Here is my feedback:

  • Voiceover is great
  • Flow is smooth!
  • The video makes a lot of assumption that the audience knows a lot. These videos should be made for complete noobs - explaining them what is a DocType, hence I suggested making a new library app with doctypes for the trial video.
  • Would be good idea to introduce the ORM, events and the key API methods - get_doc, get_all etc on a slide.
  • Add more concept slides - the screen-casting gets monotonous.

Thanks for the feedback. This was spur of the moment as we created qr codes as SVG to feed into print formats. Tricky to do any stuff without the terminal, dev server VM, github, and some helpful Python libraries!

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Sure. The story telling is also really important. If you are interested in the next step we can work on the audience and story! Let’s also wait for more applications!


Great initiative.
Can you add on this the translation or script where after we can all translate to our mother tongue languages?

Hi @rmehta … this isn’t a submission … but we will try to get a submission across soon :slight_smile:

We are scratching our own itch and making stuff that we will use ourselves at this youtube channel:


Was waiting since long time, thx for initiative, do this have any relation with Zerodha investment?:wink:


You could use Raw Printing with Zebra Printers.

Hey @fountainhead79, nice videos!

Please change the title of your channel to something that has your own company name - along with ERPNext is fine. “ERPNext Counsulting” sounds like an official channel (while its not) - can you convert it to “ERPNext Consulting by Santosh” or something so that it is clear that it is a community channel. ERPNext is a registered trademark, so you can’t use it directly as the name of your channel.


Sure thing @rmehta. Does “Consulting Services for ERPNext” or “Unofficial ERPNext Consulting” sound good? It’s a side project for now.

I personally do very little work on it except for telling everyone I meet about you and your team and your wonderful product :slight_smile:

Any suggestion on who I reach out to for questions? I put in an enquiry on Partners in the official website to get clarity but no one bothers to respond.

Updated both channel name and the description to clarity.

Nope, you have to put your company name on it, you can’t just use he ERPNext Brand as is.