[Bounty] Product Bundle QTY and POS


Sorry, not sure where it’s the most visible and correct location to post bounty’s. I can contract someone privately, but hopefully through a bounty, it can be merged into the main branch for everyone.

Just saw this as a missing feature in ERPNext. We have multiple boxes per product and the best solution with the least custom work would be put the boxes as items and the items we sell as product bundles. Here comes the problem: (In order of importance)

  • Bundles qty is not displayed.
  • If we have any product bundles in the system, POS stops working.

How much$ and how long?

Hi Plague! I’ve seen out a lot of bounty topics and I really think “This is the way” to fix bugs and contribute new features to the community .
Do you think you could share what version you are running for frappe and erpnext ?
I’d love to reproduce the issue before trying to estimate how much time it will take to fix it.

Thanks for your reply.

erpnext 14.x.x-develop
frappe 15.x.x-develop

Another related problem would be that POS is from what I can tell linked to a Warehouse. Currently since ERPNext has no locations in the warehouse and we are forced to create multiple warehouses for keeping track of stock locations, I’m not sure if POS can deduct from a warehouse group. Best to create a Salees Order under a warehouse group and let the warehouse allocate the dispatch

Try inventory dimension for “locations”

Anyway, i didn’t tried it on POS.

Hi Avc,

I did try inventory dimensions as well, however it looks like its just a mess and there might still be work that needs to be done:

  • Stock balance would only show 1 location.
  • When using the “Move” function on the item dashboard, it only allows warehouse move’s and not location/dimension move
  • When I delete the location dimension, entries in the database remain
  • Stock numbers are incorrect comparing Stock Ledger and Stock Balance

Hi ahmadRagheb,

I think in the interm, the Bounty would be for only 1 aspect: Calculated Qty for product bundles.

  • API must be able to query qty
  • POS must be able to use calculated qty
  • Product bundle page in the app interface must show Qty

A possible dumb solution would be to have a dummy field, recalculated and saved on each action which would effect stock (Based on related items)


search for max_available_bundles

change line

max_available_bundles = available_qty / item.stock_qty


max_available_bundles = available_qty / item.qty

This makes the Pos Display work with bundle products without error
But it is not deducted from the inventory balance for items