Boutique Manufacturing Process

I have Bridal Dress manufacturing business (Boutique). Every single dress is customized and made for production or order in a single and unique design. Now I am facing a problem with how I can use ERPNext manufacturing for my boutique workflow.
Below is my Workflow.
1. Sales Order or Production Planning (Designer select what they want to create)
2. Issue Raw Material Fabric and other Items
3. Fabric Dyeing (Sometimes if color is not available)
4. If not going to dye, then after issuing from warehouse fabric go to cutting master for dress cutting according to pattern.
5. After cutting the dress part is divided into different tailors for stitching. Like If dress is 3 Parts (Shirt, Trouser, Dupatta) Shirt will be stitched by one person and trouser will be stitched by other same goes for dupatta.
6. After stitching there is an embellishing process in which embellishes person will paste pearls and crystals on dress parts.
7. Now after process No 6 dress is ready for costing, and we want basic manufacturing cost (Fixed Cost) and we will include administrative overhead costs, after getting sum of both we can decide their sale price.

Note: Every person’s job is time based and we want to include their hours rate in valuation.

In ERPNext I found these Manufacturing steps, but I can’t understand how I can manage and which I can skip to short the process.

Production Plan
Work Order
Job Card
Downtime Entry

Can you please simplify my process for dress making Job in ERPNext so we can skip unnecessary steps? Also, where can I put administrative overhead costs with fixed cost (Valuation)?

Hi there,

Have you seen the documentation for the manufacturing module? That would be a good place to start towards answering these questions.

@peterg Yes I read that but still confusing about how I can manage because there is no tutorial or help for my line of work.

have you got boutique module?