BPM. Business Process Model

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Has anyone implemented any BPM into their ERP.

I am looking for a way to make a visual representation of the whole company business process.

It would be a printable a piece of paper to be read as a map.
That leads staff member though the process.
So that they always know what they have to do next within there role or job at hand.
As its a process we can then automate using the ERP workflows.
Really want to focus on productivity and make less paper work.

Please share your ideas and solutions.

Kind regards

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Do you mean something like this? Frappe Cloud https://manual.erpnext.com/introduction/key-workflows

So taking it that to the next level.

Looking at each role within the business and making a process of how it is done.
So very much like your Diagram and personalized towards the business is being implemented into.

Like a GUI for your workflows.
The purpose would be that each staff would know what to do next by just looking at the process map.

Until now I have use Activiti.

Kind regards

This is enterprisey. No never tried it.