Braintree Integration


It was a long time since last time I wrote in here.

What a great work you are doing with ERPNext!

It is mostly a lack of troubles the reason why I have not been visiting very often lastly, not that I have given up on ERPNext at all.

I upgraded yesterday to the new version v11, from v10, and it was smooth and without problems. Many thanks!

I wanted to ask you about the new integration with BraintreePayments. In order to be able to use Braintree, yor need to become PCI compliant.

For that, among other things you need to reply to a questionaire that tries to asses how you get and handle the card data from your customers, how it is your infrastructure, etc…

I understand that the integration with Braintree is through their DROP-IN UI, but I have not been able to verify it. I was wondering if someone could confirm this?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards from Spain,


Hi @pagliaso,

Yes the integration uses their drop in UI as a payment page.
You can add your logo on it if you want but everything is handled by Braintree.
Therefore they are responsible for the compliance part, ERPNext doesn’t store any credit card information, we just receive the payment response and update the standard documents accordingly (sales order, sales invoice, payment).

Have a nice day!

Hi @chdecultot,

Many thanks for your quick and accurate reply.

This has been an awesome addition for me.

Have a nice day!