Branch Creation


I have one Company in Delhi and Three Branches in Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharastra. Each Branch have Difference Tax Rates as per State Rules, Each Branch Have Stocks as Finished Goods and Raw Material. Most of the Items are similar in all Branch.
I have 3 questions:

How can I create Branch in ERP Next?
How can I create Tax Ledgers Branch wise?
Because Items are same should I create all items in Every Branch or I can Create Items in Company and it will work for every branch.

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Tax Rule, can be used for Customers as per billing location

Users and Permissions, It covers how to create roles, users and set permission.
User for specific Territory, Company, etc can have restrictions on list of documents to be shown.

For a company Division or Branch to account for its buying, selling and production, additional tool functions you might explore and consider are Cost Centre and Chart of Accounts.

Umair’s comprehensive video from the recent Frankfurt conference may give you some pointers