Branding and custom domain

I have 2 questions here. I want to use ERPN for my client. It is perfect in terms of the features, and I decided to use ERPN cloud version so I don’t have to manage the servers, update, etc.

  1. Can I use custom domain for the ERPN cloud? Instead of using subdomain, I want to use my own custom domain.

  2. Can i replace or remove the EPRN branding in the ERPN Cloud with blank or my branding? How to do this in the cloud version?

  1. Yes. Contact support.
    Possibly, using custom JS in your website theme.

what do you mean by custom JS? unlike like the self hosted, how can i customize the cloud based ERPNext?

Sorry, this is not possible as of now. You will be able to customise the website look, but when logged in ERPNext branding will be there. Maybe support can help you with this.

Personally, it’s not that big of a deal.