Brazilian CoA - Continuation from gitter

@rmehta, do you asked me, these days, about where we are stuck to support Brazilian CoA.

So, Brazilian CoA is not only the Chart of Accounts, but a extense list of legal requirements, in the last 7 months, I’m working to support these requirements.

About the stuck in chart of accounts:
If you look my CoA posted on gist Plano de Contas Referencial Brasileiro para o ERPNext · GitHub, you will see some differences.

  1. Cause of legal requirements the CoA have a numerical hierarchy, this numbers will be used to do the financial declaration for the gov.
  2. BR CoA dont match with the ERPNext Standard CoA, so, it would be very interesting if we can support a localized setup.

@max_morais_dmm, Thanks for the gist, please check my comments in your gist.