Breadcrumbs of doctypes / workspace

There is breadcrumbs on the workspace. Sometimes it show irrelevant previous path or just pick up the first item on workspace list.
Sometimes it even links to already-deleted workspace.

How to customize it to show the links I want?


Yea. sometimes it’s really annoying.

but when I’m getting familiar with the navigation and the awesome bar, this no longer became an issue for me, not really solving the problem but only reducing the headache…

But still, it would be nice if they change that just like what Odoo or some other cloud app did on the breadcrumbs.

How I solved it - I went into the irrelevant workspace and edit any label and save it, then the breadcrumbs will show another irrelevant workspace and I did the same thing again until it shows the correct link. The breadcrumb will show irrelevant link if I edit the workspace then I have to repeat the same steps above…very annoying.

Reading your answer makes me smile.
But maybe it is the asnwer for now :wink:

Edit: just remember… sometimes the irrelevant workspace has been deleted so… :frowning:

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God, we need a way to set Breadcrumbs in the doctype itself :sweat_smile:

Somehow Employees show under Accounting, and when HR user tries to navigate back, she presses on Accounting and it just shows “Not Permitted” error. Oh god.

Hey there ! I’m also interested by the resolution of this bug ! Do not hesitate to post a solution if ever you find one !

I feel bad for bumping a topic of 21 months, and I hope we have some solution.

Are there new options? Yet another workaround but at least a more predicted workaround?

Can I hide/remove the native breadcrumbs and have my own enforced logic?

  • ERPNext: v14.48.1 (version-14)
  • Frappe Framework: v14.55.0 (version-14)
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