Breadcrumbs on Desk

I have noticed the breadcrumbs in the top left corner when using the desk:

If I got it right, these breadcrumbs just indicated what path I have taken but only show the opened branch I am in at the moment.

I saw a different approach to breadcrumbs in iTop. I found it to be very useful as I am able to jump back to the past ~10 sites I was visiting. This could help to move around the desk a lot quicker, when jumping from customer to project over to quotation, back to the customer and then maybe to HR to see if a certain colleague is available for this time. Here is an example from iTop (ITIL/CMDB stuff):

What do you think?

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Excellent idea.

Proven method for improving productivity, and widely implemented in many web portals.

SugarCRM uses it extensively.

Easy for web developers to implement, doesn’t require any ERP expertise.