Breaking the Glass Ceiling :: Convincing accoutants to give up Tally

ERPNext Accounting Module is well functioning standalone piece of acconting software.

I can say this, as a software guy who started manufacturing firm, I like millions of others in our country started out with Tally. This was a decade ago. Since managing Invoices was my job, I had to learn to use Tally, which means indirectly, unknowingly I was learning accounting. What a freaking waste of time.

How I ended up on Tally is a story possibly known to all. I had zeroed in on Tally, QuickBooks and Zoho and asked my CA which one is best and he said Tally and I had to go with it.

As I look to promote ERPNext now, one of the major challenges I face is to convince the CA of using ERPNext. This is after I have already convinced the owners of the company, the acconting staff and the engineers.

CAs are not ready to learn a new software, even though its a proven, reliable and better software. And one this that all CAs wants they want, is Tally to connect to ERPnext, which is another aburd way of saying that you will accept it if works with legacy sofware.

Frustrated I ended up writing a patched up code which can sync the ledgers, at the end of the day via a manal process with a certain downtime, because active sync was going to take more time. But this just leads to more problems as the sync was not performed properly always and then someone would do some parallel entries and would lead to duplicates. Eventually I had to take over sync tasks and I would hate it even more. And the thing is accountants and CAs would end up relying on this, and would still refuse to even log into ERPNext. As an implementer I can only spend a limited amount of time on each implementation.

Tally real time sync connectors is a bad idea. And to think that it can act as a transition tool, where people will gradually move to ERPNext is worse.

If I were to reflect on every instance of trying to convince a person to give up tally, the only reason I can come to, as to why a person doesnt put in the effort to learn ERPNext, is because they dont want to. Just being lazy is the only way to frame it. I can provide a lot of facts to the advantages of moving to the new system. Sometimes I am the motivational speaker, kid you not. But the willingness to learn is what is missing and I cant do anything about it. Sometimes the Company owner is convinced otherwise that without a Tally connector this can go no where. Which forces me to think more about making the connector, but it is still a bad idea, which stops me to write one.

So this thread is intended to share instances or key learnigs on how to convince CAs to move to ERPNext. It could be things that you have tried and failed and what bought you suceess. Business owners, Implementers and CAs all are requested to share their thoughts.