Bringing fields from different forms

Hi All,

I am trying to customize my Stock Entry form to include the following:

  • Sales Order Link (done)

Based on Sales Order selected, I want the following fields to be filled automatically:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Project (custom field)
  • Customer Purchase Order

What would be the best way to accomplish that?



You can use the add_fetch method to fetch field values

e.g. frm.add_fetch(source_fieldname, target_fieldname, value)

or you can add the Options to three fields to fetch the values

e.g.for customer name Options : sales_order.customer_name

worked. Thanks.

Is there a way to customize naming series so its not auto-generated.

Since we use another system for now for job order processing, I want to input the job number here, as opposed to STE-00001, 0002 and so forth.

You can set the naming using naming_series, fieldname, prompt and series, Check the naming field in the doctype.