BRMS and Frappe/ERPNext

We have come across multiple use cases where the business rules defined, need frequent updates. For example, marketing/promotional schemes like cashback, slab-wise bonus, etc. Typically, such problems are solved using a Business Rule Management System (think Drools, Easy Rules, Nrules, JSON Rule Engine, etc.) which allows the rules to be authored and maintained by business users without much involvement required from development teams.

Has anyone come across a similar problem and solved the same either by using an existing BRMS or by building one on top of Frappe?

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Maybe provide an example?

Some examples can be -

  • get amt x on doing your first transaction (but only if done during date a and b, and amt > y)
  • get flat x% as cashback/discount when you order y amount of product z

The list can go on - and marketing teams usually want to try out different combinations of such conditions to identify which works best.

Ideally, business users/marketing teams should be able to define this logic using easy to use visual designer (something similar to,, etc.) This is where a BRMS would fit in nicely.

You could use Server Scripts