Broken Page creating with Version 8

Hi everyone. Is there an issue with ERPNextext 8 creating new pages. I created an new app and installed it which worked great. I even got the doctypes sorted but when I created a Page for the app all I got was a blank page in ERPNext. After a refresh I got OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/trade_pos/trade_pos/trade_pos/page/tradepos’. No files were created on the disk I tried making manually and still get a blank page. I don’t want to edit the ERPNExt code manually but it is looking like the only option now :frowning:

Is there a fix or is this a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet?

Can you share a trace?

I’ve given up on creating a new app as keep having issues with page creation. I am now directly modifying the code as this seems to be the only way I can get anything done. A pain as every update needs to be sync with my code.

Not necessary if you decide to make it as per the project guidelines and contribute it

Project guidelines… where can I find these. I have so far found many old links and old code, but the new code outline for erpnext 8 seems to be hiding. :slight_smile: Can anyone direct me to the new way of doing things as what I have discovered using google is incomplete.