Broken pipe error in Bulk Workflow

Hi ,
I have designed a workflow.
When I am working document wise it is going good but if I am trying to do the same in bulk it is throwing error .
"Broken Pipe error " .
can anyone suggest how to solve this ?

Hi ,

Can anyone suggest .
Even when I am going to send the email it is giving same broken pipe error.

Hi @Nivedita_Roychowdhu2,

You will have to elaborate on the issue. For which doctypes have you set the workflow? What do you mean by bulk? Are you trying to change the status via list view? Which version are you using? Also share a screenshot of the Workflow so that we get some clarity on the issue at hand.

P.S. I tried bulk approval of docs via list view in v13 and did not get any error.

Doctype : Purchase Invoice
Bulk Means : Change the status via list view
Version : v13

Any suggestion ?

Any updates or fix @Nivedita_Roychowdhu2 ?