Broken user images / incorrect names in messages

I have a small issue with my new ERPnext installation, and would like to know if it’s caused by a known bug or by me messing around in mySQL :wink:

I set up new users and they get a Gravatar image by default, which get’s displayed correctly in the user form but as a broken image anywhere else (e.g.) the users list.

Also I noticed that in the messages view my first two users are displayed correctly in the right column with first name and last name but the two new users are displayed with the prefix of their email address (e.g. xyz for xyz@domain,de) even though first name and last name are set correctly.

Any hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks, PS

Oh, after about an hour later, everything works as expected. Is there a manual way to update?

Could be a temporary network/cache issue as the images are directly loaded from gravatar.