BrokenPipe ErrorNo.32 please help

I am trying to run this code with the help of https://{server}/api/method/
but its giving me brokenpipe error no.32 please help

import frappe

def emploc(employee=None): 
    loc = frappe.db.sql(
            """SELECT ec.employee, ec.employee_name, ec.device_id, ec.time, e.department, e.payroll_cost_center, f.file_url
               FROM `tabEmployee Checkin` ec
               INNER JOIN `tabEmployee` e ON ec.employee =
               LEFT JOIN `tabFile` f ON f.attached_to_name = e.user_id AND (f.file_url LIKE '%.png' OR f.file_url LIKE '%.jpg') AND f.attached_to_field = 'user_image'
               WHERE ec.log_type = 'IN' AND ec.employee = %s""",
    for entry in loc:
        device_id = entry.get('device_id', '')
        if device_id:
            if ',' in device_id:
                if ', ' in device_id:
                    latitude, longitude = device_id.split(', ')
                    latitude, longitude = device_id.split(',')
                entry['latitude'] = latitude
                entry['longitude'] = longitude
                del entry['device_id']

    bl = frappe.db.sql("""SELECT name, from_lat, to_lat, from_long, to_long
               FROM `tabBranch Location`""", as_dict=True)

    return loc, bl