Browser compatible page display in website user


I see small issue when browsing with Firefox browser, it currently not showing perfectly for “Search” button, more info is attached below:
There is no issue when browsing with Chrome, didn’t have chance to test with IE.

Just to make sure this would appear correctly when giving customer to access their account :slight_smile:

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CC @KanchanChauhan

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We will fix it as soon as possible.


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Great, Thanks @rmehta @KanchanChauhan

Hi @bzero. Looks like it is not a browser issue. Try searching based on order number. But we do need to optimize our search so that it searches based on product name and some other fields.

Thanks for your update, @KanchanChauhan
So, this needs to be fixed from your side (code optimize)?

Can you try search based on sales order number on firefox, See if it works for you.

yes, the searching works normally, only display issue (as attached in #1)