Browser freezes on show filters click with high numbers of docs

Hi all,

i’m experiencing problem with filters, browser freezing with a large number of items (100k) and click on show filters …anyone experiencing the same?

Are you trying to list all the items at once? In which form exactly this issue is occurring?

nope not trying to show all at once …it appear when clicking on “Show filters” or when setting a filter. It seems it try to load all the items at once

At the bottom of list, out of 20-100-500, what is the option selected? Are you getting this error with 20 or 100 records as well? Are message in the browser’s console?

doesn’t matter how many record per page, i think the problem is that when “show filter” is clicked it has to find the number of record per filter and to do that it try to load all the records and so it freezes …

opened an issue: