Browser push notifications not working

I’ve been testing out erpnext for a while and haven’t been able to get push notifications working. I mean the browser notifications that pop out like facebook and google does. Not email notifications. During the first time login, erpnext requests to show notifications, so I’m assuming the feature is there.

I’ve tried creating records, assigning records, sending messages, etc. May be these are not the scenarios that makes use of push notification. Is there something that should be configured or setup on the server? If not, please give me some examples on when this push notification is used or where to configure this.

Thank in advance!

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@nay_min are you on master or develop branches?

It’s on master. I can’t seem to find where this notification is being handled in the source code as well. Some guideline on it might help me troubleshoot and better understand the feature.

Did you find out how it works?

Erpnext asks for notifications permissions.
Anybody know ,How can we show the notifications using this?
I didn’t see browser notifications in erpnext. Please help

Wow, this was quite a while back. I didn’t find out the source but I found out that my problem has to do with socketio. Try trouble shooting from browser and see any websocket connection errors.

Can we send web push notifications to all the browsers from the backend?
Like, when a new customer record is added by someone, I need to show a we push notification to all the active users.
Is it possible?

Yes I would like to see this working. Why ask your permission for these notifications but then not use them ?

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Thanks for reminding – push notifications are bad,

just pushed a fix


I don’t think they are bad per second but are often badly implemented either relying on someone just seeing the push or not easy to push out of the way. And getting them to work mobile too.

But that said I still think they can be useful in certain circumstances perhaps with an on off toggle

do browser based push notifications no longer work? was this service worker based real push notification?

hey buddy ho to get ti working in v13 …
i badly need it sir.,

so it show son mobile browsers of all users…

pls help