Browser refresh for clearing data?

Curious if anyone else has this issue where data - particularly in a child table - will not refresh when you open a new document or even another saved document.

For instance, we do have some custom scripts built for our sales order and sales invoice “items”. I can open a new sales invoice or an existing one and it will show me the correct information in the fields on top but the child table shows the information from the last one I had opened until I refresh the page/browser.

This is a real nuisance and I’d like to figure out how/why it’s holding on to that child table data like this. It does this is both Chrome and Firefox on both Windows and Mac computers. :frowning:


Can you open browser developer console and check for errors… also if your custom script can be disabled temporarily try that

There is nothing in the console log… that was a good suggestion. :frowning:

If the custom script is disabled, then it clears successfully.

similar issue… any help from what u did after this