Browsing through images of the same item in Image view

The question is about

Possibility to check to navigation through next image of same item in horizontal, while navigation through next item image through vertical¹

I’ve checked Frappe 8.9.4 version and it lacks this feature. So it appears to be removed at some point when image view was refactored.

Is there any way to bring the vertical navigation back? Were there any concerns with this feature, that leaded to removal?

¹ — [WIP] "Image view" in the Item list - #9 by gupteshwar

@strixaluco sorry, not able to understand your. Can you share a screenshot?

Sorry for being unclear. Here is a screenshot below.
and are navigating through separate items, as it is supposed to be. The problem is that and were supposed to navigate through images of the same item, which is not the case anymore.

Guys, is there some update on this? It’s a bit uncool to pay for the feature and then have it removed suddenly.

@strixaluco I am sure this is not intentional. Have you created a GitHub issue for this? I will update the milestone.

cc @netchampfaris

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Thank you for getting back. I didn’t mean it was intentional, but just was wondering what was the reason and how to fix this. Will create issue now.

Posted: Browsing through images of the same item in Image view is missing · Issue #4141 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

No doubt you guys were busy with conference and stuff, but I still hope for some news on this front. Thanks.