Budget against Project Task

Hello All,

Tough problem here. I have a scenario (and I believe it is fairly common) where we need to create a Budget for Project.

A project has multiple activities/tasks to be completed. Each of these tasks requires a budget and will have expenses booked against it. We also need variance reporting based on the tasks.

Therefore during budgeting, we need to have a way to have a budget item for a specific task under a project.

For example:

For Project X, we can have Task 1, Task 2 And Task 3.

For each of these tasks we could have a different budget amount for the same account e.g., Task 1 - Transport = $300, Task 2 - Transport = $250, Task 3 - Transport = $150.

All these need to be captured and monitored in the budget.

Has anyone succeeded to implement this kind of budgeting in ERPNext hand how have you managed?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You can easily be able to do it. To achieve that, Go to Accounting – > Accounting Dimension and add new dimension as follows:

After adding dimension Reload and clear cache.

Now, you can define the budget against Task, and in all the expense you can select the task to track the budget.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Thank you very much. I’m trying that immediately!