Budgets RollOver

Hello Everyone
Does anyone know if the budget amount allocated per month does not get utilized , do the balances roll over.
e.g months 1 to 3 no allocation of expenses against a budgetted expanse account , month four there is one amount for month four.
If yes , is there any check box that needs to enabled or any process to be followed ?
If no , how can one roll over those balances to the new month in this example month four.



On the control actions, we use “Warn” for when the Month budget get exceeded, and “Stop” when the Year budget get exceeded.


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Thanks for the replay @max_morais_dmm. Those setings are all setup.
I did some digging , on the " Budget Varience Report" their is a “Show Cumulative Amount” check box needs to be checked if one wants to see values “Accumulated”.