Bug: Can't reconcile multi-currency invoice with multi-currency payment

We are unable to use the payment reconciliation tool to match a multi-currency invoice with a multi-currency payment where the company currency balances do not match:

Ideally there would a the option to create a difference entry on this page (or the system would do so automatically using the default exchange account).

We cannot cancel and recreate payments or invoices, so if there is a simple solution to this any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please provide some more details of the invoice and payment entry like exchange rate etc, so that we can replicate the issue.

From the invoice:

From the payment:

The rates shouldn’t be difference as both documents have the same posting date, so there may also be an issue with that.

Has anyone had a chance to look at this? It’s getting to be more of a problem the longer we use the system.

I am facing the exact same problems.

Usually, when our company place an order to our overseas supplier, we issue a Purchase Order and then submit it. After that, we have to either pay a deposit or pay in full before the goods are delivered to us.
When creating the payment entry for the payment to overseas suppliers in other currency, we usually ink the payment to the purchase order. However, after we receive the items and create a purchase invoice for that. We cannot match the payment entry to the Purchase Invoice as shown in the above screenshots by @DBoobis

Is this a bug or perhaps the process is wrong?

I assume this has to do with the difference of currency exchange rates between the payment date and the purchase invoice date.

“I assume this has to do with the difference of currency exchange rates between the payment date and the purchase invoice date.”

Good theory the question is how or where this occurs? To identify and isolate a test case - and perhaps a defect where the numbers don’t add up!? - may be confirmed if you export your test case report to a spreadsheet for analysis?

This happens literally everywhere you try to apply a payment to an invoice where the company currencies don’t match. The only place it will work is when assigning the invoice to a payment in the first place as there is the option to assign the difference amount.

When you say “perhaps a defect where the numbers don’t add up”, this is exactly what is happening. ERPNext is trying to validate the company currency of the GL entries generated by the matching process, but without a difference amount it fails.

If no sign of that problem on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub please add it and post a link to it here.


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I have created a new issue here:


There is also this existing issue that seems related:


Good move thanks for contributing this DBoobis

Anyone can also vote to boost it’s priority!

Any update on this issue?

Is there any solution on this? We are just starting to use multicurrency with our international supplier and I find this an issue specially if we paid in advance which we normally do in our case. When I reconciled the payment and invoice, the balance in creditors ledger did not show the correct balance. Before reconciliation - payment amount shows SAR20,600/- and balance SAR18,100/- but after reconciliation - details shows in screenshot below: